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[Authorized Product] My Beauty Diary Moisture Power Brightening Black Pearl EX+ (6pcs) (blue)

$300.00 TWD

Blowing too much air-conditioning can make the skin extremely dehydrated and dry. Moisturizing and Brightening Double Excitation EX+Black Pearl Mask, complete in one application* moisturizing/whitening *Help you quickly hydrate before makeup! Urgently calm and hydrate after sun exposure!~ Double effect (stronger effect)~ French Tahiti deep water can soothe and calm the skin, while strengthening the skin's moisturizing ability ~ 98% high-purity seaweed extract efficient Antioxidant ability, protects and reduces the inactivation of other active ingredients due to oxidation, and has better whitening and moisturizing effects!

expiry date: 2021/10/22

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