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Cute Baby Cutlery Set (Five Pieces)- (Type A: Giraffe)

$670.00 TWD


Dinner plate*1 soup bowl*1 water cup*1 spoon*1 fork*1 Natural materials are natural and health-conscious, processed from natural plant materials such as bamboo, grains, corn, etc., which are naturally degraded, with any chemical composition, healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, suitable for children Use~Cute shape, interesting pattern~Smooth corners, arc without thorns, safe and not hurting the hand to protect the tender skin~The probe is made of natural bamboo fiber, flexible and strong heat insulation effect, safe and not hot~The bottom is raised around Side, reduce friction and damage during use, durable ~ in line with children's ergonomic design, compact shape, just hold the baby in the handNote: product temperature resistance: -20~80

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