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LaVe Mini

Children's educational toys Wooden single pole trolley

$329.00 TWD


A learning stroller specially designed for young children. When the stroller moves forward, the small wooden beads on the wheels will rattle and arouse their interest. The earlier you come into contact with different types of toys, the better your baby's learning ability. Reminders: 1) Children should use under adult supervision. Do not let babies put toys in their mouths. Pay attention to hygiene and be careful not to swallow them. 2) To avoid the risk of suffocation for babies or children, if individual products have plastic bags, please separate or replace the plastic bags after unpacking. 3) Some products of our company contain small objects and are not suitable for children under 24 months. 4) Wired toys, do not suffocate children caused by entanglement. 5) The projectile or launching toy must not be directed at the human body, and the tip of the projectile must not be modified with sharp objects.

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