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Baby Teeth Collection Box for Boys

$189.00 TWD


To record precious growth memories, the super cute wooden Handmade milk tooth box children grow up every little detail, which is the good memories of parents and children. Except for the low record of the left-hand clip, to save the child's growth, the part that will fall off is just like a small one. Children have umbilical cords, lanugo hair, and start changing teeth at about 6 years old. Every family of precious memories can help mothers save the beautiful memories one by one. Whether they are children's parents, Lei always gives a precious gift to the children's parents. , The box entrance meeting has already been assigned positions. Mother can store each checkered with Li one by one. The left space is reserved next to each checkered box. Mother will record the low date. Many mothers have already used it tightly. If you are interested, mother is not good. Missed it!

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