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[Authorized Product] Natto Fermented Moisturizing Mask (8 pcs)

$300.00 TWD


Won the first place in the 2017 Urcosme Netizen Appraisal Beauty Award, and netizens appraised it as a hidden good thing. The 3D Natto Essence developed by unique fermentation technology has excellent moisturizing power. The extremely moisturizing microemulsion formulation is suitable for dehydrated skin, eliminating dry itching and leaving skin extremely tender and full of moisture. [Highly Saturated] Natto extract polyglutamic acid is rich in protein, moisturizes and repairs dry keratin and forms a hydrogel film on the surface of the skin. Recover the health care barrier to enhance the skin's defenses, tightly condense moisture and prevent excessive loss, combined with high-performance plant extracts such as licorice root and rice fermentation liquid, moisturizing, whitening, and purification can be completed at one time, making the skin extremely plump and full Sense of water. [Extremely moisturizing] A variety of vitality moisturizing energy essences such as Pine algae, lecithin, and aloe vera, citron and sweet orange fruit extracts to meet the protective factors needed to adapt to environmental changes, extremely moisturizing the skin's fine dry lines, and enhancing skin elasticity The firm skin touch imparted makes the skin supple and elastic from the inside out. Skin type-normal skin

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