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1. How can I create an account?

Click the "my account" button on the top right corner, click "register" and follow the easy steps!

2. What can I do if I forget my password?

Simply login, click "forgotten password" and type in your email, you will receive an email with your new password soon!

3. How can I change my password?

Go to "my account", click "change password" and follow the steps.

3. I have moved! How can I change my address?

Go to "my account", click "address book", click "edit" and make your changes!



1. How do I use a shopping cart?

Simply add your wish items by clicking "add to cart" and you will find all your items in your shopping cart! Click "pay now" and "checkout" to get it!

2. How do I delete orders in my shopping cart?

Click "remove item" in the shopping cart page.

3. How do I change the purchase quantity in my shopping cart?

Type your wanted quantity number in the no. box in the shopping cart page.

4. How do I use my voucher?

Simply enter your promo code in the cart page.



1 What does "PENDING" mean?

"Pending" means we are handling your order at the moment.

2. What does "SHIPPED" mean?

"Shipping" means your ordered items have been shipped and you will soon receive!

3. What can I use to pay?


4. What have I bought in total?

You can easily see your total bought items on the shopping cart page.