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Shopping at Living Store

Living Store is an online shopping platform especially tailor made for you. It gathers different living products around the world such as mothers and babies, pets, fashion, health and beauty. You can browse the latest products, best-selling products and different discount in Living Store. You can also click on the category or brand on the website menu to start shopping.


1. Product Information

Each product has a detailed description, including text and picture. You can clearly see whether the product is suitable for you or not. You can also look at the ratings and comments from other customers.


2. Add to Shopping Cart

When you encounter a favourite product, you can select the quantity and the click ‘Add to Cart’ button to add to the shopping cart. After you have selected all favourite products, you click “Check out’ button on the shopping cart once you confirm all items.


3. Purchase Inquiries

3.1 To make a payment, please click the "shopping cart"  in the upper right corner of the website and check whether the selected product is correct. Then, please click the "checkout" button below.

3.2 After clicking "Checkout", it will direct to the "Delivery Information Page". Please fill in all the information correctly. If there is a discount code, you can enter it on the right side of the page and click "Shipping" after completion.

3.3 Select the receiving method on the "Shipping Information" page. If it is an SF station/SF counter, please change the address and click Continue after filling in.

3.4 Lastly, you will be directed to the "Payment" page, where you can choose the payment method. Please take a screenshot to save the detailed method of payment, including bank number, FPS number, etc. After completion, you can click "Confirm Complete" below.


4. After-Sales Services

4.1 After the payment is completed, the website will show the details of the payment again. Please follow the instructions to pay for the order. You can enter to payment method to review it again.

4.2 Order information will be notified through email. All package details will be included and can be checked in the package tracking.

4.3 After receiving the product, you are recommended to give a rating & comment about the product for other customers reference. Living Store will also improve the quality of the products and services.


Living Store shopping tutorial is completed! We hope you enjoy your shopping in the Living Store!