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LaVe Baby

Maternity Pillow/ Feeding Pillow - Bird

$36.66 USD


-Cute breastfeeding pad, removable and washable, machine washable without deformation. Multifunctional and practical, it can make the baby and mother more comfortable when breastfeeding! -Using a breastfeeding pillow to breastfeed, moms don't need to support the baby for a long time, and the pillow can be placed under the baby to feed the baby safely. The baby can also use it when learning to sit to help the baby learn to sit, and also when pregnant women sleep It can be used for support. When feeding, put the nursing pillow on the waist, while the arm holding the baby is placed on the pillow surface, which effectively reduces the fatigue of the arm holding; put the buttocks of the nursing baby on the pillow On the dimples of the face. It makes the baby who eats more safe and comfortable. Suitable for breastfeeding and formula feeding mothers

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