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Multifunctional car seat back armrest and hanging hook

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Suitable for seat headrest steel pipe diameter 10-14 Mm for vehicle installation. Fixed headrest models cannot be used [Product Features]: Purpose and scope of use: (1) The anti-shake handle handles a load-bearing force of 120 kg. (2) The weight of the hanging hook is 5 kg. (3) Hanging clothes rack weighs 5 kg. Use model: suitable for vehicle installation with seat headrest steel pipe diameter 10-14 mm. Fixed headrest models cannot be used. [Installation method]: 1. According to different models, steel pipes have different diameters, instead of suitable plastic fixing rings. With this installation ring, all vehicles can be installed except for those whose headrest cannot move. At the same time, make the shelf not shake, and fit more closely. 2. Insert the steel tube of the headrest into the bracket. 3. Push the headrest down until it can't be pushed, and the installation is complete. The bracket can be placed and used normally. [Caution]: Do not install it in a place that affects safety

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