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Necessary for coffee Stainless steel garland cup 600ML (with thermometer)

$20.00 USD


(Temperature Control)The temperature-controlled lacquered milk cup has a thermometer indicator, which allows you to easily produce the desired milk foam texture. [High Quality] The pull-out milk cup made of stainless steel is hard, durable and does not rust. When you foam or steam, the milk or coffee will not stick to the cup. Easy to clean. [Professional garland] The large handle and the special curved garland nozzle design allows you to easily pull out the desired pattern. (600ml)The 600ml large-capacity lacquered milk cup can make milk froth for multiple servings. You can enjoy coffee time with your family and friends. [Measureable temperature range] The measurable temperature range is 37~70. [Reminder] There is a transparent protective film on the outer layer of the thermometer, please remove it before use. (Product size)92x112mm

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