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U-shaped 4-digit password bicycle/motorcycle anti-theft lock

$25.50 USD


The 14mm diameter hard steel shackle can effectively prevent shearing. There are four adjustable password wheels and 10,000 combinations of password numbers, eliminating the trouble and application of keys. The soft PVC sleeve is more comfortable to use in any weather. The password is easy to set and reset the high-end zinc alloy material, exquisite and durable high-quality materials, environmentally friendly technology, layer by layer detection. 2) Fully mechanical structure, can withstand harsh external environment, and has a wide range of applications. 3) The operation is simple, the unlocking time is relatively short, and the average unlocking time is about 10 seconds. 4) The actual number of passwords is large and the security performance is high, and the probability of trial unlocking is almost zero. 5) The design of cemented carbide has remarkable anti-riot performance. 6) The lock cylinder is made of high-quality materials, which have strong wear resistance and are not easily deformed during use. 7) Engineering plastic shell, it will not crack under low temperature, and it is not easy to deform in high temperature environment. 8) Steel cables and hoses are non-toxic and tasteless, symbolizing national and EU environmental protection standards and requirements.

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