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Natlab Kiz Jelly Vitamin Formula 2

$22.81 USD


"Yummy & Healthy supplement, Kids love"

-Only selected premium ingredients and all are imported from the best source.

-Jelly format is the best in absorbing all vitamins to body

-30g./sachet 14 sachet/box for 2 weeks

-Recommend for kid age 3+ each formula/day

NATlab Kiz Formula 2 to improve brain & vision system - Grape flavor

Key ingredients :

-Vitamin B Complex (imported from Germany) Helps drive brain reactions, make the brain bright, enhance IQ and EQ.

-Alpania Galagal Extract (imported from France) Winner Ingredient of the year 2021 – Cognitive Function in Nutraingredients USA awards , source of nutrients extracted from galangal. It helps to enhances memory nourish brain cells stimulate learning

-Lutein (imported from Switzerland) & Zinc Gluconate help to maintain healthy eye sight

-Soy Peptide helps to increase alpha brain waves ,to improve meditation ,increase oxygen supply to the frontal brain. which works related to the idea memory to work better

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